Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Men, Don't Skirt The Issue. Speak Up, Support Women"

Love these rape protesters in India. Their clothing and signs respond to nonsense about skirts causing rape. The tactic is both effective communication and fun. Who wouldn't want to photograph this and share?

Comments on a facebook posting were awesome also.

One observed that their mothers and sisters wear skirts, but that does not make guys want to rape them.

Good point, but here's an even better one:

Here is how my culture wants young men of this age to look:

But the young men in skirts look genuinely more heroic, do they not? Not to mention more aesthetically pleasing. They look like real men, not pumped up steroid mannequins.

Leadership from young men will be the most important factor in changing rape culture. Thank goodness there are brave hearts to carry the work forward.

Here is another great communication on the subject, in two parts:

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