Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why We Occupy: Feminist GA To Gather Collective Wisdom

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One of the chief delights of being alive in the second half of the 20th century, and the first half of the 21st, has been the explosion of ways to share information.

Who knew about OccuCards before, say, five minutes ago? I did not, but a CODEPINK sister on the left coast emailed me a link, and I shared it with a fellow organizer who lives in a house named for Melman and then I got inspired to showcase this particular card in my blog.

And who knows who may see it here, and share it with even more people...

This is why the authorities kick Occupy out of public spaces for no worse a crime than camping. Because our coming together to share ideas is very, very threatening.

One of the chief ways we've been kept from coming together is by systems of control where some people, the very wealthy, have way more power than other people. They control the banks, the Congress, the courts, the White House, and the mass media. Their paid hacks trivialize, marginalize and attack anyone who tries to take their head out of the sand and speak up about what's wrong and what to do about it.

Unfortunately, we all get brought up in this system. We watch "debates" where people shout each other down. We are flooded with false messages so loud, so flashy and so constant that it become a radical act just to shut them off.

We remain silent -- sometimes to save ourselves from annihilation, sometimes out of habit.

One of the amazing features of indigenous communities around the globe is inclusion of all the voices. Collectively humans are far more wise than any one individual. When citizens have to shout and get arrested just to be heard in bodies that allegedly represent the people, it's time for a new order.

I will be supporting and helping to organize Feminist General Assemblies (#FemGA) at various Occupy events this summer. This is not because I am mad at men or think they have nothing to contribute. It is because I know how many young women are silenced by the oppressive powers that be. They are ridiculed for not being gorgeous enough, they are marginalized for not being aggressive enough, they are forced into industrialized labor and childbearing in order that they may never discover the awesome power they embody.

It's time for the patriarchy to step down, and I have no doubt that righteous brothers everywhere are hoping and working toward this end just as women are.

I'm going to do my part to hear from the young women, the women of color, the low income women, the older women--those whom the patriarchy shouts down. I'm excited about the ideas they will share with the rest of us when they get into a space where their voices can be heard.

We can't have it be a contest to get your voice the loudest. That's what we have now, and look where it's gotten us.

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chrisrushlau said...

It is truly appalling to see women like Condy Rice (in the last Administration) and Susan Rice (in the present one) betraying both women and people of color in their service of the war machine.
"Appalling" means it makes you pale. Can a person of color grow pale? Sure, it's the blood leaving the face, evincing shock. In medical instruction for dealing with dark-skinned casualties, the change in skin-tone of the shock-victim is referred to as "ashy".
The blood flows out of the surface capillaries in the face. This is part of the fight-fright-flight response as the body concentrates blood around its vital organs as it gears up for exertion. Anger is the manifestation of this response in the cognotive functions. "Giving shy persons the power to get up and do what needs to be done."
Incidentally, nausea in such a situation is the result of the body transferring blood from the intestinal walls to the heart, lungs, etc. Digesting food that you may not live long enough to need is not the priority in a crisis. Per the book by Sartre, nausea is an indicator of crisis. Or it can merely be an indicator of dehydration. So get a drink of water before you act on your anger.