Monday, June 25, 2012

Occupy the Roads at Summer Camp: Whose V? RV!

Source: Occupy The Roads, posting from Occupy Maine Summer Camp

When the big RV pulled in to camp on the evening of Day 1, I was most enthralled by the Wikileaks and Free Bradley Manning messaging on the starboard side.

Once I got a chance to talk with V owner and roads occupier Janet Wilson, I realized that the V is one big Occupy scrapbook: the side I loved was contributed by Occupy Newark, while the other sides of the boxy rolling encampment are a montage created in visits to 104 sites as of Kennebunkport.

Janet started out in Seattle, where she sort-of lives, purchasing an RV owned by an elderly couple and taking to the road. Occupy Portland, OR gave her the slogan, "Whose V? RV!" The arrest of 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge gave her the motivation to cross this great country of ours, "uniting American communities for change."

She has a bookkeeping job she can take on the road, especially after being wired for connectivity by Occupy friends on the east coast. She has a husband back home who sighs over the credit card bills, and who talks her back from the edge of the cliff when the going gets tough.

Mostly she has fun connecting with everyone, though. She told me, "The great thing is, every encampment that I've gone to, when I leave I say, Those are the most amazing people! But then I get to the next camp and I feel the same way!"

As she prepared to head out again from Occupy Maine Summer Camp, Janet took a group of campers over to the gated compound of the Bush dynasty, a site of frequent protests by large crowds back in the day. 
Source: Jen Drury of Occupy New Haven, now Occupying the Roads!
Maybe it was even a little bit nostalgic for the Kennebunkport police.
I hope I meet up with the V and its denizens again at Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia this coming weekend! 'Cause they really know how to have a good time.
Another photo lifted from Jen Drury, of the great banner produced at summer camp and now adorning the front of the V as it heads to Philly by way of Worcenster and a whole lot of other places. Check out where they've been and where they're going at OccupyThe

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