Friday, October 7, 2011

Ten Years Too Long!

Above is what was going on in Maine as the war on terror surpassed a decade. And here are reports of this week's protests against U.S. militarism in Afghanistan. And here is more eloquent testimony every single day from the 99%. All over  people are saying, we're fed up.
Here's what was going on in the streets of DC today, where Codepink and other groups shut down General Atomics for a time.

While this was going down inside the White House, a constant stream of Creepy visitors...

Today's Schedule
9:45 AM: The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:25 AM: The President and the Vice President meets with Senate Democratic Leadership
11:30 AM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney
11:30 AM: The President meets with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner
12:00 PM: The President meets with senior advisors
3:05 PM: The President welcomes the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Super Bowl victory
3:45 PM: The President holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi of Tunisia

Now the first day I met Medea and joined CODEPINK protesting Geithner's appearance before Elizabeth Warren's TARP hearing in April '09 seems like a harbinger of #OccupyWallSt .

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