Saturday, October 8, 2011

#Occupy and the Forces of Co-option

A friend of a friend on Facebook posted this comment on info about why the 99% are moved to #OccupyWall St:
It's about time we stood up! I signed up for some kind of "virtual march" and was supposed to get details yesterday and never did. =( I'm so on board with this!!
I believe she's referring to the large organization that has tried to jump on the #Occupy bandwagon even though they have been enabling and excusing Obama's war mongering and environmental destruction ever since they steered grassroots activists to help him get elected.

This tumblr collection of testimony from the 99% is the most amazing and moving website. Here's one of many illuminating posts from somebody who cannot be fooled again:

"Land of the owned and home of the afraid." Tell it, sister.

Encouraging news: activists in other countries don't think signing up for a "virtual march" is the way to change anything. Here's an authentic recipient of the Nobel peace prize, Yemen organizer Tawakul Karman, on why 'peaceful revolution' is the only solution to our global problems.

Here are people in Afghanistan having a real march to demand NATO / U.S. troops withdraw immediately. (Thanks, Janet Weil, for the link.)

Afghans protest US presence by presstv

And here's the real reason the U.S. has no intention of withdrawing: our government endorses any activity that produces profits for the corporations who finance election campaigns, no matter how bad that activity is for the people of the Earth. Like the Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline: the U.S. State Dept. had the environmental impact report done by consultants to the company that wants to build the pipeline!

But make no mistake:

Okay, I'm off to help #OccupyMaine starting with a potluck lunch in Monument Square, Portland at noon. Then on Sunday Oct 9 in Augusta we'll conclude our 30 day Care-a-Van to Bring Our War $$ Home with an indigenous people's day celebration at UMA starting at noon. Songs, poetry, kickass environmental activist and speaker Hillary Lister, and finger foods to share.

Join us! Because we are all the 99%.

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