Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pledge To Notice The Environmental Costs Of Militarism

For years now I have been listening in vain for the sound of environmental activists noticing the Pentagon's enormous carbon footprint. An entire two day conference at nearby Colby College last week heard no mention of the organization that is the biggest fossil fuel consumer on the planet. Naomi Klein's high impact book on the urgency of climate action, This Changes Everything, gave the Pentagon one paragraph. 

In response I have created a Maine Natural Guard communication platform, building on my friend Bruce Gagnon's call to "Bring On The Natural Guard" and convert the forces of militarism to environmental protection. I invite you to join in the important work of connecting these dots.

Add your name to join the Natural Guard effort from wherever you are!

I pledge to speak out about the effects of militarism on our environment, because the commons we all share that sustain life are valuable to me.

In discussions about security and safety, I will remind others of the need to count in the cost in pollution and fuel consumption of waging wars all around the planet.

In discussions about acting soon to protect our loved ones from the effects of climate chaos, I will remind others of the need to examine the role of the Pentagon and its many contractors in contributing to planetary warming.

Lisa Savage, Solon, Maine
Mark Roman, Solon, Maine
Wade Fulmer
Bruce Gagnon, Solon, Maine
Curtis Cole
Bob Dale
Christine A. DeTroy
Eric Herter
Ann E. Ruthsdottir
Barbara Williamson
natasha mayers
Jacqui Deveneau
Beth Adams
Thomas L. Fusco
Jason Rawn!

EDITED 4/12/16: 
To see a current updated list of signatures, visit the Maine Natural Guard website.

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