Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Send Skowhegan Written Testimony About Why It's Time To Retire The Indian Mascot #mepolitics

Tamarleigh Grenfell is a Skohegan alumna who is ready to embrace the change.
If you haven't weighed in on the Skowhegan Area High School mascot controversy, there is still time. Though the school board there barred taxpayers like me from speaking at the public hearing on the mascot on May 4, they did invite written testimony. They meet on May 7 to further consider the request for change.

Even the young man who started the petition to keep the mascot has had a change of heart: Organizer of efforts to keep Skowhegan Indians mascot changes mind.

Here is a handy copy and paste list of the email addresses of the school board and administration of the district:

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