Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fiddling While Rome Drowns

I woke up in the belly of the beast this morning -- Washington DC, where oligarchs have our "democratic" government hurtling toward WWIII at an ever more rapid pace.

After attending a depressingly enlightening talk yesterday by Finnish education expert Pasi Sahlberg I slept restlessly, then awoke to news that Stratfor, known to some as the shadow CIA, has plans for partitioning Russia drawn up already. Ukraine and NATO's backing of neo-Nazi militias there has been on my mind lately, along with the sense that the U.S. now wages wars against the poor on so many fronts that it's hard to focus on any one spot. Ferguson, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, pivot to Asia -- which is the most urgently dangerous?

Since Stratfor's forward planning is depressingly accurate at predicting where my tax dollars will be deployed on wars instead of educating our young, I am taking their plan seriously. All the nuclear weapons that will come loose if NATO succeeds in breaking up the Russian empire is one thing to worry about.

Here's another:

The hypocrisy of people like freshman Senator Angus King scolding Iran for even thinking about developing nuclear weapons can be astonishing. Though King doesn't mention Israel in his directives for Iran, the hand of AIPAC is clear enough behind his threatening rhetoric.Who is more bellicose:  Iran, or Israel with its repeated bombing of Gaza and its completely uninspected nuclear arsenal?

Even without counting nuclear pollution, the Pentagon is the biggest polluter on the planet; its carbon footprint is larger than any other organization on Earth. The wars it fights for access to fossil fuel deposits and their transport rage on and on, expanding every year since 9/11 was staged. Polar ice is melting rapidly, coastal areas and islands are flooding, and many environmental scientists feel we passed the tipping point for reversing this trend some time back.

Somewhere I'm sure Stratfor has made plans for how the empire will continue to operate when Washington DC, Wall St., Boston, Miami, San Diego and Houston are all under water.

You would think this crisis would call for urgent action by our elected government. Instead, lavish campaign contributions by Pentagon contractors and calls for more war by our "representatives" roll on.

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