Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fiscally Responsible Idea Of The Day: Stop Funding #Apartheid

Yet another thing the U.S. taxpayer supports, which is just plain wrong as well as being an inappropriate use of our hard-earned money: Israeli military "justice" for Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank.

Then there's the $100 million "911 Center" underground bunker outside Tel Aviv that the U.S. Army is apparently planning to build. It can only be built by workers from certain countries. Doesn't this violate some U.S. laws? 

Also, Israel is the fifth wealthiest country in the world. If it weren't for the influence peddling of groups like AIPAC, and the profits for greedy defense contractors who profit from the "aid" the U.S. taxpayer sends, we might be spending that money on something positive. Like building infrastructure for renewable energy instead of endless fortresses across the globe, fortresses which are about to push us all off the "fiscal cliff."

Bring our war $$ home from Israel, too.
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chrisrushlau said...

In actuality, Israel is an equal-rights discriminator. An example for those who find this difficult to understand is the world-famous deer preserve in Gray, Maine. The deer population has flourished since the establishment of the preserver, and yet there is an absolute and strictly-enforced ban on discrimination against non-deer species. Even the human species, and her cultural artifacts such as beer-six-pack rings, are fully welcomed at the preserve. How does it work?