Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moms Offer Hope, Call To Action: Lullaby For The Earth

Today I am sharing an inspirational message from my friend Janet Weil's friend, activist Betsy Rose:
Hello Friends!

Green is the perfect color for announcing this beautiful new song/video on parenting and climate change,  "Lullaby For The Earth"-a haunting rewrite of the classic "Hush little baby don't say a word".

Frances Aubrey and I created this video with the intention of convincing people to vote for earth-friendly candidates. The lullaby and accompanying website are nonpartisan, and focus on the moral dimension of our response to climate disruption.

We want 100,000 people to watch this video before the election. Please send it to everyone you know, especially friends and relatives in swing states! Also any environmental lists or websites that would post it.

We hope that the song and images touch your heart, and  activate fresh ideas of ways you can join the powerful grassroots responses to industries and corporations that are threatening the health of our planet, our children, and their children.

The earth we leave our children will be a measure of our love for them. It is time to act, out of love for children and for the earth they’ll inherit.

Yours for a bright future for generations to come!

Betsy Rose

Our world is too dangerous for anything but truth
 And too small for anything but love.

-- Betsy Rose
Paper Crane Music
Berkeley, CA 94709

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