Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blair Witch Trial: Occupy Bangor Protester In Court Aug 21

A hearing on some internationally infamous disorderly conduct takes place Tuesday, August 21 at 1 p.m. in Maine District Court, 18 Colby Street, Waterville. 
Happiest mug shot: Lawrence Reichard after his arrest (Source: Bangor Daily News)
Lawrence Reichard was charged following his act of civil disobedience disrupting a speech by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a Colby College graduation ceremony on May 20.

Reichard was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for yelling “liar” and “warmonger” at Blair. A common occurrence in the UK, it was the first such protest in the U.S. to receive widespread coverage internationally.

It was a bad week for Tony Blair -- just a few days later he was shouted at by a protester who entered from behind the judge's seat at a court hearing in London.
Blair was reportedly invited to be the keynote speaker by Colby College board of trustees chair Robert Diamond Jr., formerly CEO of Barclays Bank. Diamond has now stepped down from both posts under investigation for banking fraud. Barclays was ordered by regulators to pay fines in both the U.S. and UK for rigging LIBOR, the world's benchmark interest rate.
Source: photo by David Leaming "Choose A Cause" Waterville Morning Sentinel 5/21/12
Reichard was with a group of protesters who greeted Blair at Colby College with signs. During Blair's introduction some of us shouted that Blair is a war criminal and should be arrested for lying us into war on Iraq, and were asked to leave. 
Source: "Tony Blair At Colby College: 'Are We An Empire That's Fading?'" by Hunter Stuart, Huffington Post
Reichard and another silent protester, Jody Spear (Colby '63), whose sign criticized globalization, remained.

When Blair began speaking, Reichard continued to shout until he was led away by police.

At his hearing for disorderly conduct in Maine District Court, Reichard will read a statement, copies of which will be made available. Reichard, a Bangor resident, is active with the Occupy Wall St. movement.

For further information contact Lawrence Reichard, (207) 907-2086, (home) (415) 794-2955 (cell) or by email:

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