Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Time When Silence Is Betrayal

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

I think that time has come for U.S. citizens. They must now face up to the fact that their super expensive, superior force military does not intend to withdraw from either Iraq or Afghanistan, no matter what lies to the contrary are offered to by President Obama to appease the public.

Speaking of the public, what ever happened to the referendum the people of Iraq were promised by the Constitution imposed after the U.S. invaded their country in 2003? This week the U.S. Secretary of "Defense" announced -- and Iraqi officials denied -- a behind the scenes deal to stay on in Iraq that could be characterized as "puppet government asks puppeteers to stay."

Of course if the public knew that the U.S. built an embassy compound in Baghdad as large as Vatican City, they probably would not be surprised to find that there was no real intention to abandon that investment. The U.S. occupation of Iraq stands at approximately 45,000 troops and 60,000 private contractors today.
Then came news from the war Obama had promised to continue waging, the decade long occupation of Afghanistan. That country still refuses to be subdued, and this month has seen spectacular attacks by insurgents in many key areas of the country. Very recently the British Council was attacked in Kabul,  on a date chosen to mark a special anniversary of imperial decline much older than a decade. From the Daily Telegraph:
A Taliban statement said the attack was timed to mark the 92nd anniversary of full independence from the British. In 1919, Afghanistan regained control of its foreign policy from Britain after the brief Third Anglo-Afghan War. The day is now a national holiday.
The insurgents said: “Today is our independence day from Britain. They recognised our independence 92 years ago. Today’s attack was marking that day. Now the British have invaded our country again and they will recognise our independence day again.”
So why is the U.S. indicating it may stay in Afghanistan until 2024? Again, who would believe the plan was anything different in light of the construction of Bagram air base and numerous other permanent, highly expensive military outposts.

My fellow U.S.ians, your silence will not protect you. Wake up and add your voice to the growing chorus: bring our troops, and our war dollars, home.

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