Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Now is the time for the youth"

William Hessian paints for peace on Jessica Mellow, photo credit: Kirk James Dupuis
The youth of the Free Change Collective took our collective breath away with their "letters to Portland" last night. Spoken word at its best because the fire in their eyes matched the fire in their hearts, that hungry longing for peace.

Their youngest member gave eloquent testimony to the work that can be done while feeling supported and accepted by a group.

Medea talked about coalitions also, and, reporting back from  Tahrir Square, and  Madison, WI Medea said, "Now is the time for the youth!" The Egyptian youngsters defied their elders and stayed out in Tahrir Sq. to make the revolution. Eventually, their parents joined them. See a video clip here

We were at Peace Action Maine's annual Give Peas a Chance supper where we were also treated to the Rawandese Dance Troop. The power of these beautiful young women visiting us on the eve of Mother's Day felt like a blessing.

Another young woman who attends the School of the Americas of Medicine in Havannah came to the stage with her mother. It was heart wrenching for those of us in the audience whose nation's School of the Americas trains torturers and paramilitaries that wreak havoc back in their own nations.

Eearlier in the day members of Codepink Maine, Women in Black, Veterans for Peace, and the Free Change Collective staged a rally outside the offices of Senators Snowe & Collins in Portland. Bring our war $$ home message with signs noting these senators continue to vote to authorizing $2 billion a week for war in Afghanistan.

Joined by a young friend I encountered in the park. We have watched her grow up into a fine young woman who I know will stand for justice. Now is the time for the youth.
from Portland Paste

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