Sunday, February 6, 2011

my sign says "justice"

Great action in Portland yesterday. Diverse community and ages came together, around thirty in all over two hours. Fun to learn some Arabic.
Don't know why the green sign is upside down...
Disturbing comments on an otherwise great news story WCSH Ch. 6 tv ran: Maine group rallies for Egyptian people. I think they took down the worst one, with someone falsely claiming had called for gruesome torture of a supreme court justice (I'll spare you the details). But the online anchor repeated accusations by unnamed right wing sorts we bore some responsibility for the uprising in Egypt. Wow, delusions of grandeur by our detractors!

Of all the things HAS accomplished this year, we just can't take credit for the popular uprising in Egypt. Despite allegations that the pro-democracy demonstrators are led by militants and extremists, in fact the millions in Tahrir Square are predominately young people sick and tired of being unemployed in a repressive police state. All many have ever known in the despotic rule of Pres. Mubarak, propped up by $1 billion in aid every year fromt he U.S. taxpayers. Crowds in Cairo and other cities also include pharmacists, grandmothers, army officers, former employees of the state controlled t.v. station -- and yes, activists whose large pink banner "Solidarity with the Egyptian People!" was photographed in Tahrir and seen around the world.

We are proud of those who call for democracy no matter where in the world they are! And we call on Pres. Mubarak to step down now and allow for an orderly transition to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!
email from my friend Brian about Obama's Egypt speech: I don't think I have heard a U.S. President talk for so long and say nothing of substance since Richard Nixon.

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