Friday, January 14, 2011


Malalai Joya, ousted as MP for speaking out about war criminals in the Afghan government.
Why do we wage endless war? According to crack reporter on Afghanistan Ann Jones, because women still aren't at the table. No durable peace can be achieved without women participating suggests Jones. She refers to UN Security Council resolution 1325 recognizing such ten years ago, yet to be acted upon.

That women must participate in peacemaking deals in order for those agreements to ACTUALLY result in peace is surely the corollary of, "There is no military solution in Afghanistan." Which is said by Petraeus or someone like him just before we bomb the hell out of more civilians there, or surge additional wretched land troops into the quagmire of graveyards of failed empires.

And still the women endure; they would surely struggle to find a path to security to live and care for their families. If given a seat at the table. There is a strong spirit in that land, and after ten years there, Jones channels it in a way that made me want to rush off and have my own talks with Afghan women.

I was reminded of a report back from Oct, '09 in San Francisco. Codepink founder Jodie Evans went to an event where she was able to speak with the president. She and Medea had just come back from meeting with lots of women in Afghanistan. According to Jodie, as she delivered a petition, she told the president that the women who sent it from in Kabul wanted to know why there were no women at the negotiating table. The president then mentioned the U.S. Secretary of State and another woman. Jodie pointed out that they meant: Afghan women. President: "Oh."

So -- 1325 to try and reach a lasting peace for all.
Meena, founder of RAWA, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

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