Monday, July 27, 2015

Downward Spiral Of Earth's Climate Hastened By #PentagonClimateCrime

All kinds of nifty thinkers have been getting in touch with me about my #PentagonClimateCrime campaign. A sister activist in Maine sent me a handout developed for a Climate Conference last year that detailed some of the ways the Pentagon is very, very bad for the global environment.

It included points I've been laboring over recently, namely the direct contribution of carbon emissions from burning up fuel and also exploding things. But it also mentioned a couple of other key concepts to keep in mind about how our tax dollars support runaway global warming.

From Peaceworks of Greater Brunswick via Martha Spiess, looking toward the future:
The visions and plans of the Military will exacerbate climate change. 
Weather manipulation as a weapon. The High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) facility is designed to alter climate, capable of setting off earthquakes and volcanoes through electromagnetic waves. (1) 
Dominate space. The Air Force Space Command mission includes force enhancement and control of weather. (2) 
Global oil-protection service. The Carter Doctrine (1980) authorizes permanent foreign bases and the use of force for national security.  (3) 
(1) Rosalie Bertell, "Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War", 2000
(2) Air Force Space Command,
(3) Michael Klare, Progressive Magazine, December 2004

I like having a big picture context in mind when I'm down in the trenches trying to find the elusive carbon footprint of, say, one Hellfire missile, so I especially enjoyed this timeline developed by a retired engineer who responded to my recent article in Counterpunch "Elephant In The Room: The Pentagon's Massive Carbon Footprint."

Evolving (or Devolving) Fives:

5,000,000,000 years ago --- amino acid, RNA, protein, DNA 
500,000,000 years ago --- vertebrae - chordate - pikaia
50,000,000 years ago --- primate - archicebus
5,000,000 years ago --- hominid - australopithecus
500,000 years ago --- hominin - homo rhodesiensis 
50,000 years ago --- human migration out of Africa
5,000 years ago --- civilizations, religions
500 years ago --- enclosure, colonial movements, witch burnings
50 years ago --- atom bomb (1945), GMO (1972)
5 years ago --- derivatives, surveillance state

Credit: Akio Tanaka. Used with permission.

For some reason this graphic from that a facebook friend shared seemed to illustrate the bottom end of our devolutionary trend. The Pentagon, supposedly on our behalf, burns oil in order to fight for access to more oil so we can...burn more oil.

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Peter Sirois said...

So few people even know why they are on this earth or in this universe. I guess that makes G.I. Joe a pretty pathetic case.