Thursday, July 16, 2015

Air Shows "Entertain" While Showing Who Owns The Air You Breathe #NoCO2Show

I've heard from several people objecting to air shows like the Blue Angels Navy air show scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Brunswick, Maine. I am objecting to the carbon footprint of this faux-entertainment, really recruiting and intimidating, show. But many who live around air show venues cite the incredibly high levels of noise pollution that everyone in the area must endure.

Area resident Joe Ciarocca shared his op ed from the Bath-Brunswick Times Record with a few links to the health risks of exposure to excessive levels of noise and vibration. Joe wrote:
Some people will attend this air show with the attitude, “it’s only for an afternoon and everything will be okay and we will survive.”  Are we so easily entertained that we would buy into something that’s not safe...? 
On a daily basis we are exposed to much noise and air pollution.  We have become acclimated to and have normalized this condition.
Normalization of militarization of every sky on the planet would appear to be the explanation for some beachgoers laughing and cheering when low flying jets from an air show in Penascola, Florida send their chairs and umbrellas flying through the air.

If you object to the upcoming Blue Angels air show in Brunswick, you can contact the Maine Regional Redevelopment Authority which manages the venue in Brunswick:


15 Terminal Road, Suite 200
Brunswick, ME 04011
Phone: 207-798-6512
Fax: 207-798-6510
Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. Closed on major holidays.
Or use their online contact form here. Or contact them via twitter (@mrramaine) or on their facebook page. There is also a facebook page for the Sep. 4-5 scheduled show
Mainer Michael Gibson posted the graphic at the head of this blog post to the facebook page with the comment "Stop hypnotizing people with technology." Amen to that.
Revised Aug. 3 to add more contacts to protest the Blue Angels in Brunswick:
Contact the Town of Brunswick:
Brunswick Town Hall, 85 Union Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011  Phone: (207) 725-6659
Contact your Maine state representatives and senators:
Website with contact info:
Contact Maine’s representatives and senators in Washington DC:
(202) 224-3121  Capitol switchboard to reach Rep. Pingree, Rep. Michaud, Sen. King & Sen. Collins
Write a letter to the editor:
Bath-Brunswick Times Record
For more information on air show pollution, see Bruce Gagnon’s blog post at

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