Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Timid Center-Left" Recreates While Children Die In Flames

Kenny Cole "Control" from
Solo exhibit at UCCPA's Leonard Craig Gallery September 13th to October 31st. Unity, Maine. Print-A-Thon T.B.A.
Do not despair, for artists are among us.

NYU and Stanford law students have now researched and chronicled the horrors of what VP candidate Cherie Honkala of the Green party termed "the bleak future from a science-fiction movie" i.e. drones hovering overhead, attacking at will, and then attacking the rescuers.

"Timid center-left" news outlets like the New York Times even covered it. Meanwhile the Guardian covered evidence that the NYT colluded with the CIA over the tone of its coverage of the raid that killed bin Laden.

Facebook seethes with the denial of the Obama worshipers. They say they're afraid to lose women's reproductive rights, but I think it's more likely they're afraid to lose their get-out-of-racism-free cards. Whatever their motivation, they're willing to overlook the rampant death dealing and lying about it that Obama and his sponsors stand for.

But back to the art that lifts my spirit to resist.

My husband came home with a print from Kenny Cole's show, one the artist did in response to his struggles with the fact that so many liberals of his acquaintance just want to talk about their vacation, or their new skis, or their organic garden, or their grandchildren -- anything but the wars their taxes support, and their candidate plays like he directs. The print is called "Last Run" and I'll let the image speak for itself:

Also, two amazing artists will be joining in the effort to raise awareness about the killer drones on October 8 in Portland, Maine when CODEPINK local groups are sponsoring Die-ins around the city. Phui Yi Kong will lead the political theater troupe we are assembling, and she has promised to make more of her nifty drone hats for us to wear.

And artist William Hessian has promised to create some visual art about drones and to join in the actions outside Senators Collins & Snowe's offices, at Congress Square Park, at USM, and with a finale at Obama campaign HQ.

I'll be there while part of my heart goes with my CODEPINK sisters and brothers traveling to Pakistan soon to meet with the drone bombing victims and their families. Ground the drones!!!

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