Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Rah Rah Wars

Beautiful sad song and strong photographs, especially of children of war. Iraq, a war so old that early video of Medea getting dragged out of congressional hearing looks a bit dated. And one feels nostalgic for the turnout just before Shock and Awe shocked all into realizing that multitudes could struggle and the unpopular war would start anyway.

Other wars start with vibrant cheering from lots of quarters -- the first gulf war, say, or this one against Libya. These are generally presented as "short" wars; get in, and get out. And there is always some ex-son of a bitch of ours cruelly using his own people, using weapons we sold him. So it's the good old U.S. of A. to the rescue of the people.

Cool names help make rah rah wars: Operation Desert Storm. And a lot of ordnance has to be discharged in a swift, costly fashion right from the get go. Forty-five missiles tipped with depleted uranium warheads hit Libya, just like that. Operation Unified Protector!

In the interests of the civilians there, of course.

Because the wonderful U.S. which is the leader at so many things is also the leader at protecting the safety and security of civilians. Unless they happen to be standing in the path of some energy transport routes or something inconvenient like that.

Others seem be turning away from yet a third war, turning up on the bridge, calling up and donating to help support the struggle, turning away from the insanity of endless war against a nameless enemy who can never be defeated. Everywhere you look these days, folks want to bring our war dollars home.
...Helen Gearhart, an Iraq vet, speaks about her experience before being taken behind the police line at Quantico. Part of a great set by Ellen Rachel Davidson here. Bradley Manning, 303 days.

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