Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring Our War $$ Home from Bagram, too

Following a nation-wide conference call to ground the drones, Codepink's Nancy Mancias shared notes. A peace delegation that has just returned from visiting Afghanistan, and meeting with the wonderful Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, had this report from their survey of the giant U.S. base that houses Guantanamo East: The delegation held a silent vigil outside the gates of Bagram. They looked at the machines and said that's our money, that's our education money raining destruction on Afghanistan and the people. 

Malalai Joya is touring the U.S. right now and the Guardian published her must-read piece responding to the horrific photos in Rolling Stone of grotesque mutilation of people in Afghanistan, attacked by some un-brave troops. To whom shall I apologize on behalf on my nation? May their souls rest in peace.

A student shared this song by the performer Pink, "Dear Mr. President." The artist is talking to Bush Jr., but she could just as well be talking to the warmonger Obama. Substitute photos of people ill from the BP oil spill for the floating corpses of Katrina, and you'd be all set to rack up big profits at the expense of the health, wealth and welfare of we, the people.

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