Monday, March 21, 2011

The empire is naked. Bradley shouldn't be.

Thirty-four people were arrested on Sunday, March 20 after a groups of vets were refused the right to lay flowers on a memorial that is usually open to the public, located just outside the Quantico gates. The vets approaching the memorial solemnly were told they could throw the flowers through the fence but not approach the memorial itself. A sit down protest ensued, as did the use of excessive force .  This video shows Quantico riot policemen hurting Ann Wright, possibly because she was the first to sit down in protest. For shame.

This video captures the exuberant, slightly edgy mood earlier in the day at Quantico.

See the Iwo Jima memorial in the background? Many will tell you the men depicted were fighting to protect our freedoms.
The empire is naked. Bradley shouldn't be.

Protect the whistleblowers. Protect the truth. Free Bradley Manning!

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