Saturday, October 23, 2010

Passing for the Truth

It's election season again and everybody's got a reason why we need to (choose one):
A) Get out the vote
B) Vote for the lesser of two evils
C) Put clothespins on our noses and vote for the party creating a pile of reeking corpses for profit
d) None of the above

Seven hundred (that's 700) bombs were dropped on Afghanistan and Pakistan last month, September, 2010. Airstrikes are up 172% vs. the same month last year. The cost of attacking these countries for the month was around $8 billion in borrowed funds that U.S. taxpayers now owe.

Then there's the continued blind support for Israel's genocide against Palestinian people. Great blog post here at Mondoweiss on Phil's recent trip to see with his own eyes; contains the line: "Israel is headed for the iceberg." The current Congress and White House appear to be steering it in that direction by pouring billions into military aid while turning a blind eye when the IDF boards a ship in international waters and slaughters civilians, including a U.S. citizen. (Remember back when you thought that being a U.S. citizen afforded you some protection while abroad? Fuggitaboudit if you're not on the side of the war profiteers.) Dogs reportedly will be used against future attempts at bringing humanitarian aid to the ghetto of Gaza. Probably building on the learning conducted by using dogs to abuse Iraqi prisoners of war.

We're supposed to be stampeded into voting for the corporate lackeys because their opponents are SO SCARY!!!!

Personally I do not find anything more scary than pretending to be progressive while bombing the hell out of children -- for profit and world domination.

The scariest thing I've seen recently? This video of the simpering crowd at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco fawning over war criminal Condi Rice. (Quote: "I sleep just fine in our democracy." So debased has that word become.) You might wonder why the truth tellers aren't in blazing PINK. Well, how would they get in to an event like this if they were?

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