Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ann Wright on federal budget FY10

Video of Ann Wright discussing budget priorities at a Bring Our War $$ Home training in Wash DC on Oct 3 organized by Janet Weil of CODEPINK. Ann talked about hearing testimony last Thursday on Capitol Hill by Nobel Economics prizewinner Joseph Stieglitz and economist Linda Bilmes.

Here are some resources to move forward with this timely campaign: 
BOW$H website  Simply gathering some folks in a house or community space, showing the short videos and/or the schools closing slideshow from the website, then engaging in conversation about the specifics of unmet needs at home, is a great way to start your BOW$H campaign locally.

BOW$H photos from One Nation  Oct 2 gathering hundreds of signatures on CODEPINK'S petition to Congress demanding that our representatives vote to bring our war dollars home.

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