Monday, October 25, 2010

Iraq vet tells the truth: why Kittery can't fix a bridge

I am learning to be a videographer for peace. When you have such vibrant subjects as Will Hopkins, director of Peace Action NH, and Jade Forrester, founding member of UM Farmington peace activism group P.A.inT., plus the other wonderful people seen here, it is hard to go wrong. Still it is a very SLOW process with many frustrations along the way. Spurred on by my husband reporting that a friend of ours said iMovie is "easy" I was able to finish this short project. Thank the goddess for the technical help I get from well-wishers.

You would think I would be able to do something as simple as zoom in on the Bring Our War $$ Home banner that was directly across the street from where I was standing. Oh well. Here's a still photo instead (thanks to Nicole Moreau of P.A.inT.):
Wells Staley-Mays and Bruce Gagnon in Kittery protesting a $4 million new recruiting HQ being constructed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Protests to continue monthly. Next date: Sat. 11/27 3:30-5pm  fmi see Peace Action NH website

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