Sunday, January 28, 2018

Voices Crying In The Wilderness Of U.S. Collapse: Aegis 9 Go On Trial This Week

Anthony Freda
What have my co-defendants in the Aegis 9 been up to in the weeks since we selected our jury and awaited our trial for criminal trespass, being prosecuted on behalf of mega corporation General Dynamics by the taxpayers of Maine?

Russell Wray
To name a few, Jason Rawn has been flyering to oppose the $60 million Maine payroll tax giveaway that General Dynamics has written for itself and gotten before the Taxation Committee. Mark Roman has been testifying to the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee of the Maine legislature, trying to stop the appointment of a Nestle executive to the Board of Environmental Protection. Bruce Gagnon has been dealing with a hacking attack on his email account and two of his home computers crashing. Natasha Mayers has been fundraising for a documentary about her art activism. Jessica Stewart has been organizing to oppose offshore oil drilling slated for the coast of Maine. 

I don't know what Russell Wray, Mike Tork and Bob Dale have been up to, but I'm confident they have their eyes on the prize of a better life for everybody in the rapidly crumbling USA.

Me, I'm always reading in between teaching school. Oh, and crying out in the wilderness of kleptocracy against the submission of my government to corporate interests.

Here's a partial digest of my Sunday morning reading list (illustrations added by me):

Why We're Underestimating American Collapse: The Strange New Pathologies of the World's First Rich Failed State by Umair Haque. Discusses the latest school shooting (the 11th so far in 2018, which is not quite one month old) in the context of poverty, opioid addiction, and how the richest nation in the world found itself on this desolate path. 
Losing Sight: a 4 year old girl was the sole survivor of a US drone strike in Afghanistan and then she disappeared by May Jeong. Uses recently opened archives to examine civilian deaths and their coverups by examining one example of a 2013 (i.e. Obomber administration) drone strike that maimed a young child and removed her from her surviving family.

Homeless man almost crushed after San Diego city workers scooped him up and tossed him in a garbage truck by Jeff McDonald. Examines the policies of a wealthy California city in dealing with the 9,000 homeless people who live there.

Anthony Freda

US, UK Knew of Nazi War Crimes in 1942, Did Nothing: Archive published on teleSUR English. Reveals new evidence of what historians already knew but the passive consumers of WWII war porn in the US still do not, that "individuals within the state department were focusing on the economic relations between the U.S. and West Germany."

Anthony Freda

16 year old Virginia girl's body found 2 weeks after she went missing. Her parents say police treated her like a runaway by Angela Helm. A missing black teenage girl is low priority for many tax-funded public "safety" entities like police departments. #BlackLivesMatter

America's reluctant septuagenarian workforce by Peter Whorisky. Title is self-explanatory: people work into their 70's because they can't afford to live on what remains of the pension system in the U.S.

Anthony Freda

Refrigerator upgrade for Air Force One to Cost $24 million: report by Avery Anapol.

Onward, kleptocracy.

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