Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Aegis9 Video + Corporate & Local News Coverage Of Arrests At Bath Iron Works

Natasha Mayers of the Aegis 9 being arrested at General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works shipyard

Thanks to activist videographer Eric Herter for this good short overview of the protest, including our arrests as the Aegis 9, at General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works (BIW) shipyard on April 1.

The Bath Police Department was kind and respectful to us; local residents Bruce Gagnon, Mary Beth Sullivan and other protesters have spent years building good relationships with the force. I for one was quite aware of benefiting from my white privilege during this experience.

One of the best things the Bath PD did for us was to issue a press release after the fact which gave cover to several of Maine's corporate news outlets and a few local newspapers to report on our protests. 

Reporters have told us that BIW management has threatened them with banning from the ceremonies inside if they interview or photograph protesters outside the gates. 

Is General Dynamics afraid that more people might see my Susan Collins power suit?

Here's a digest of the coverage so far:

The Forecaster "Bath Police Arrest 9 Protesters at BIW Christening" by Alex Lear

Popular Resistance "Nine arrested in snowstorm at BIW destroyer christening" by Bruce Gagnon

Bangor Daily News "Protesters arrested at christening ceremony at BIW" by Judy Harrison

Portland Press Herald "Nine arrested during protest at Bath Iron Works"

The Times Record "9 Protesters Arrested"

Wiscasset Newspaper "9 Arrested at BIW Christening Saturday" (this one actually gives Lt. Robert Savary, Bath Police Department, the byline)

WGME (Channel 13) "Nine arrested during Bath Iron Works protest"

Screenshot from WCSH coverage of video projection of Susan Collins speaking at the christening[sic]
WCSH (Channel 6) "Hundreds brave snow for christening of USS Hudner" by Christina Rex

Jason Rawn dressed as Angus King, blinded in one eye by his corporate $ponsor General Dynamics

Working class solidarity means we make common cause with shipyard workers earning a living while the CEO of General Dynamics rakes in several million dollars in compensation each year and funnels big campaign contributions to Senators Susan Collins and Angus King.

We call for conversion of the shipyard's manufacturing might to build sustainable energy solutions for the 21st century.

Worker Jenny Gray at a BIW protest last year

REVISED 4/5 to include this link to news of the Aegis 9 from Gojko Raicevic in Montenegro:

No to war no to NATO - Montenegro and Union for neutrality of Montenegro are giving support to all brave  and honest peace activists, especially to Bruce Gagnon whom was with us when we need him. This  is an article on arrest in Maine Christening in Aegis Destroyer

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