Wednesday, October 4, 2017

On Indigenous Peoples Day (Formerly Genocidal Maniac Day) Let's Remember: Colonialism Is Ultimately Unsustainable

In advance of Indigenous Peoples Day (formerly known as Genocidal Maniac Day, observed in New England this year on Monday, October 9) I am reposting a cartoon from my inbox.

Hat tip to Judy Robbins for sharing this succinct and truthful cartoon about the stages of colonialism. It was created bZig Zag /  Nov 3, 2014 (and also shared via and Transcend Media Service).

I'll be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day this year by canvassing against the KKK in locations where their flyers have been distributed recently in central Maine. This is one way I can use my white privilege, and I'm a little scared but also looking forward to it.

Going door to door in the whitest state in the nation -- one roiling with indignation over football players protesting racial injustice at the hands of police -- is likely to be an unforgettable experience.

I'll be writing here about what I learn from this experience.

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