Tuesday, October 3, 2017

If The Shooter Is White It's Not Terrorism, And If The Victims Are Native Children...

One of the few things we can be thankful for about the Mandalay Bay massacre is that few if any children were slaughtered (unliked the Wounded Knee massacre). As the Las Vegas attack took place on outdoor concertgoers at 11pm, the innocent victims were mostly -- if not all -- adults.

But how innocent are any of us adults in this nation of violence we have built?

We built it on the bloodied soil we took violently from Native people living there when white people arrived.

We built it on the bloodied soil of enslaved Africans forced to labor or die.

We built it on the bloodied soil of every country we've bombed, invaded or occupied since and right up to the present day.

We keep building it on the stolen childhood of boys and girls glued to screens where they pretend to murder people to "win" their games.

My unpopular view: if you're not actively part of the solution, you're part of the problem of violence breeding violence.

Those who can't bring themselves to oppose the U.S. wars on brown people around the planet (because "terrorism" right?) could work for gun control here on the homefront.

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