Sunday, June 29, 2014

People Waking Up, Rising Up, All Over This Planet!

June 28, 2014 Boat Rally at Henoko. Via Masami Mel Kawamura/Okinawa Outreach. Photo: Toyozato Tomoyuki
Okinawa residents and supporters gathered 300 strong to oppose the expansion of yet another U.S. military base entombing paradise in concrete. Why would they oppose expanding a U.S. military base on their shores? People in Okinawa have suffered from the violent occupation of their territory since WWII, with rapes and murders occurring throughout that time. And, the people love their native environs. Here's a link to the full article in the Okinawa Times. 

While some people are born into resistance, others wake up later in life. Check out this amazing testimony from an Israeli American woman on how and why she finally stopped letting Zionist wool be pulled over her eyes:

Thanks to Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss for this interview. Some of its salient points, as quoted in the article that accompanies the video
"[Palestinians] are oppressed terrible. They are tortured. They are imprisoned for no reason. Their land is stolen. What is going on there is a pogrom."
"[American Jews] do such a harm… They don’t understand that they are fooled by the Zionists. There is no connection between Judaism and Zionism. The Zionists just use Jews. Jews are so naive… They don’t know what Israel is. Israel is a monster.” 

Maine activist Regis Tremblay -- whose great film on Jeju Island resistance has met with international acclaim -- posted this news of South Korean resistance to corporate takeover of their ancestral lands.
This has to be one of the most amazing non-violent protests ever. Elderly Korean grandmothers, naked and bare-breasted down to their panties, chained together in a trench covered by a makeshift tarp, along with nuns, are hauled away by hundreds of police. This happened today [June 11] in the town of Miryang, South Korea. The people have been protesting the construction of massive electrical transmission lines and towers through their town. These people, mostly women and nuns give hope to the rest of the world, and silent Americans, that non-violent direct action works and scares the crap out of the corporate state.
I could go on all day with news of brave resistance, but I'll conclude with this one very, very close to home. 

Detroit as a city was gutted when its industries were killed by Clinton's NAFTA giveaway to the wealthy, then declared bankruptcy and had an "emergency manager" appointed by Michigan's governor during the second Obama administration. What could go wrong?

Thousands of families unable to make their payment to the water district are having their water cut off. WTF?? Here's a quote from a resident:
"Our water bill is $250 /month & we owe about $3K this yr. The only thing we using is water for cooking/washing up" -Highland Park resident
Here's what people are organizing to do about it: 

How you can support while the struggle is still a few steps away from your tap or backyard paradise? Help get the word out.

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