Friday, January 10, 2014

Guantánamo Prisoners Cleared For Release, Yet Still Tortured For Years

Abandon hope ye who enter Guantánamo, apparently

Indefinite detention has such a bland sound on the word level. As a lived experience it must be a special kind of hell with no end in sight. Prisoner Shaker Aamer wrote this moving account of his treatment, "The Torture Remains The Same." We are now nearing the 12th anniversary of a bunch of young Muslim men being hustled away to a special prison than an ex-guard called "a concentration camp."

At the heart of indefinite detention lies habeus corpus, a prisoner's right to a day in court. Especially if the prisoner was jailed kind of randomly because someone collected a bounty. Twelve years later, where are those innocent men? Still in Guantánamo, locked in a torture prison with forced feedings. In Cuban territory. At the U.S. taxpayers' expense.

Time for action to say enough is enough! From an anniversary PinkTank post by Cayman Macdonald:
Thousands of protesters will take to the streets this Saturday [Jan 11] to show their courage and give voice to the men whom Guantánamo has tried to silence. They will speak truth in defiance of the countless lies, including the blatant lies about Guantánamo being “safe, humane, legal, and transparent.” It is time to send the message loud and clear: close Guantánamo Bay!
Find an action near you by going here. If you can't get there in person, take time to contact Obama and your members of Congress with the message: #closeGitmo! 

Photo from fb event 12 Years Too Many! No More Excuses! CLOSE GUANTANAMO! 
"We will say no to torture! No indefinite detention! Repeal the NDAA!"

I just changed my profile picture on facebook to help spread the word. You can, too.

You can also write to the prisoners. Here is information on how to do that.

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