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Back To School: My Report On 2013 A.D. or is it C.E.

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On a day when you wake up to frozen water pipes, a little humor may be in order.


by Lisa

     I am going to tell you about the year in review. The year in review is 2013 A.D. which stands for after death or C.E. which stands for common era. Both of them have something to do with God but I'm not sure what. They are part of the calendar that kept going instead of the one that ended in 2012, everybody was freaking out.
     Well the first event of the year in review was that the weather went unbalanced and there were hurricanes, ice storms, the hottest day of the year, the coldest day of the year; and blizzards. Some people say this is because we don't have global warming. But we do and it makes the weather go deranged just like scientists predicted back in the 80's when they had big hair.
     I think it might be because of Fukushima, the nucular power plant in Japan that got hit by a tsunami a few years ago and is still melting down. Doesn't that make the water in the Pacific Ocean get hotter, since it is right at the edge of the beach in Japan? My mom said bad guys in Japan are making homeless people go and work on cleaning it up. Even though you cannot clean stuff like that up, at least not too much. That's what my science teacher said.
     Another bad thing is the drones. These are flying killer robots which kill people at weddings and funerals. I'm not sure why robots don't like those kind of family things. We never see any over our house. Phew.
     Their are alot of wars in other places that I tried to make a map but there were too many dots and they started running together. My dad stopped getting unemployment but he didn't get a new job yet. Guns or butter is the choice, my dad says which I guess means, we won't be having butter until he finds a job.
     Now I am going to tell you about my conclusion. My conclusion is that some people care and you can read about it in the Encyclopedia Brittanica:
Code Pink, feminist antiwar organization founded in 2002 to protest U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. The name Code Pink was adopted to satirize the colour-coded terrorism alert system put in place by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2002 and discontinued in 2011. The first Code Pink protest, a four-month vigil in front of the White House, began November 17, 2002... 
I checked a second source and Codepink is also on facebook and here is an awesome bunny that one of them has. It is very gargantuan.

I would like to be in Code Pink and make a difference. So that is my report and I hope you liked it.

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