Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#PowerofWe = You + Me Standing Up For All Of Us

Hey, Bibi, where's the red line on ethnic cleansing? Theft of water rights? Israel's nuclear weapons program?
I am a day late joining in National Blog Action Day which is about right considering I have a full time job, I spent the entire weekend in action with CODEPINK Greater Boston helping to Expose AIPAC at their national summit, and I lost my cell phone one week ago today.
Exposing AIPAC consisted of different actions in solidarity with Palestinian activists in the Boston area, including a teach-in plus distributing cleverly designed faux brochures from the American Israeli Program for Ethnic Cleansing aka AIPEC.

Outside action on Sunday included some of the Occupy participants renting bicycles and circling the Seaport Hotel after a score of state police, Homeland Security guys and Boston PD officers kicked us off the sidewalk because it is "private property, owned by Massport." Probably illegal, but eight people were allowed to continue protesting at the doors while the rest of us were chased off around the block.
At the teach-in with Kristin Szremski of American Muslims for Palestine.
I had a lot of fun helping organizer Ridgely Fuller make posters featuring Mass. Senator Scott Brown posing in the buff for Cosmopolitan because he was one of many politicos coming to the AIPAC summit to pay homage to the big bucks AIPAC pours into campaign coffers.
Back in March when Obama spoke at AIPAC's conference in Washington DC he told them the U.S. relationship with Israel is "sacrosanct." Wow. I guess that means war with Iran, since AIPAC has been beating that drum and stirring up alarm at Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program in recent months. One of the best signs in Boston (which unfortunately covered me with still wet paint before I realized it) was AIPAC: If you liked Iraq, you will love Iran. That's a reference to the lobbying that led Congress to authorize war against Saddam Hussein and his non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

The #PowerofWe was on display as writers, musicians, academics, journalists, occupiers, protesters, along with Codepink women from Maine and western Massachusetts, joined forces to bring some truth to light. Mainstream media? Absent. But together we, the people, can share energy and real information to effect change.

We are unstoppable, another world is possible!
Photo from March, 2012 in Washington DC Occupy AIPAC.

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chrisrushlau said...

The General Assembly of the United Nations put it simply: Zionism is racism.