Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crosby, Stills and Nash support Brad Manning w Codepink KC

Guest post by my sister in pink Priti, a CODEPINK coordinator in Kansas City. Thank you!

We worked the Bradley Manning table at the Wichita, Kansas, Crosby, Stills and Nash concert tour, and were half-expecting a lame geezer-fest, but these guys have not lost any of their energy or edge (or even voice, which really surprised us). It was one of the best shows we've seen or heard in quite a while.

This was before the doors opened. The staff there were great -- they gave us everything we needed. But toward the end of the concert, a security person told me (and she actually apologized for it!) that cameras weren't allowed -- so these photos are contraband! (They'd searched all attendees, but we had entered
an hour before the main doors were opened, through a backstage door, and just looked around for someone to show us where to go.) As we anticipated, this was a crowd very receptive to our message, although there were a few calls to "Fry his ass!"

Once the lights went down, we had great seats.

Just after they played Graham's song "Almost Gone", a tribute to Manning, they turned the lights on the audience, and I responded (those are the VIP boxes just in front of us -- and they clapped!):  

After that, at the break, there was a RUSH (as you see) to sign the petition:

The lads.
I think this was "Find the Cost of Freedom."
They started out with "Carry On" and "Long Time Gone" and finished -- pre-encore -- with "Almost Cut My Hair" and "Wooden Ships", and those were the twin peaks of the night. Mid-concert, I predicted that there would be two songs in the encore, and for the first time in my life I got them right, in order. Any guesses?* 

We collected 71 signatures by the end of the night.


* Hint: the initials are SJBE and TYC. - Lisa

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