Friday, August 17, 2012

"Big Money Talks, So Shut Up And Go Watch TV"

by Elizabeth Barger, CODEPINK Local Coordinator in Tennessee & editor of The Farm Free Press

Banner created by CODEPINK interns Sam, Tamara and Katie for the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Protest at NBC against Stars Earn Stripes
Protest outside NBC headquarters in New York of the new "reality" show Stars Earn Stripes which glorifies militarism and is no doubt intended as a recruiting tool aimed at young people trying to enter a dismal job market.

Bus advertisements that appeared in San Francisco this week, drawing a huge public outcry against hate speech. (Personal note: Seldom have I been so proud to identify as a savage. Sauvage from the French, means uncivilized. As Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it, "I stand with the wild.")
See if you can identify the civilized men in this photo.
Want to communicate with NBC? Click here to sign a letter of protest, and here to comment on their facebook page.

Want to communicate with San Francisco about their horrific bus ads? Click here to sign a petition which reads, in part:
The MUNI ads use language that is hate speech. By framing it as civilized man vs savage man, the ads draw upon racism and fear. This hate speech will incite hatred and violence, and it should not be on our buses.


chrisrushlau said...

From Latin, silva, "woods".

chrisrushlau said...

But the more Israel speaks for itself (I don't think the implied racism of the bus ad is anything new for Israel), the more people have to accept it for what it is.