Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy With the Power of Nonviolent Crowds

This is the power of the people. Peaceful occupation + voices that are awake and aware. No wonder the authorities doing the bidding of the wealthy elites are cracking down on the perceived threat; they know that once the people stop supporting a government, it falls.

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chrisrushlau said...

I went to my public school in Brunswick. My two maties from the National Guard Iraq sojourn (from Rockland and Lewiston) and I spent five hours there on Saturday. The Chamberlain museum's website said it would be open. Schnitzer says, "Let's go eat on the Bowdoin campus." By the time we'd located the cash dining place it was closed, but we had many fascinating and nauseating conversations en route.
Intellectual wasteland.
The enemy lines (of battle) are empty.
I'd grown up trying to convince myself that Bowdoin somehow had the answer.
Those five hours in and around the Bowdoin campus were liberating. There is no "there" there. The Occupiers have made the same discovery about Wall Street, downtown Portland, etc.