Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Fund My Education, Not Your Wars !"

Here is CODEPINK staffer Alli McCracken getting arrested in the House of Representatives' Armed Services Committee where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta appeared, formerly of the CIA.

Alli was absurdly charged with assaulting Panetta, even though she was no closer than 10 feet away from him, and the alleged assault weapon was a piece of paper.

I guess the truth written down is pretty powerful. Her sign said "Fund My Education Not Your Wars."

The photo is an instant classic. Too bad you can't see Panetta's face, but the sea of dark cop uniforms sets off the pink tunic with the Bring Our War $ Home graphic nicely.

In my opinion, it is of the caliber of the iconic image of Des and Condi:

You can feel the tide rising. I made a random business call today and the woman who had my info told me that her daughter was at Occupy Wall St every chance she could get. Then she was excited to learn that Occupy Augusta begins this Sat. Oct 15 at Capitol Park.

We should also spread the word that NYC is at risk and needs support. Here's the call put out by their General Assembly.


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