Friday, October 28, 2011

Bangor Leads In Our Historic Struggle for Free Speech, Assembly

Dear Bangor Public Library,
The news of your action on behalf of free speech and the right of assembly in Bangor tomorrow has been shared far and wide in my network of women-led activists, coast to coast, and beyond our shores.

I was born in Bangor and, though I have ranged far, I now live in Solon, Maine and often visit Bangor. Thank you for warming my PINK heart today with your courage, your wisdom, and your historic action on behalf of Occupy Bangor.

Occupy Augusta is alleged to be the only site that has permission for an open fire. Perhaps Occupy Bangor will be the only site protected by a public library. Hooray for Maine!

Lisa Savage #CODEPINKMaine Local Coordinator
☮Bring Our War $$ Home☮ | Went 2 the Bridge blog

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