Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Corporate Welfare For General Dynamics Passes Maine's Taxation Committee 9-2

Mark Roman just texted me from the work session of the Maine legislature's Joint Standing Committee on Taxation that they voted 9-2 ought to pass.

General Dynamics/BIW packed the audience with employees

so opponents of the bill were mostly shunted into an overflow room.

Now the fight against this bill passes to the floor of the legislature. 

Bruce Gagnon's 23 day hunger strike against the bill will continue until it is voted up or down by the full legislature.

Use this handy tool to send email to your rep and senator.  Keep contacting your rep and senator, and stay tuned for details on when and where to show up to keep the pressure on in Augusta.

Sign a petition associated with this campaign: Say "No!" to corporate welfare for General Dynamics!  

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