Tuesday, November 28, 2017

$197 Million In Tax Breaks Isn't Enough For Greedy General Dynamics -- They Demand More

General Dynamics will claim that the jobs created at its Bath Iron Works shipyard are the reason to extend it even more tax breaks in Maine. However, research shows that building weapons is a poor job creation program. Building anything on Patsy's sign would generate as many as 50% additional jobs.

Will Griffin of The Peace Report has made a great informational video about war profiteer General Dynamics' request for a state tax break from Maine. Their request is about to be rushed through the special session of the Maine legislature in January. Now is the time for  people to raise their voices against the gutting of state coffers for a company whose CEO got a $5 million bonus last year.

Should children in Maine go to bed hungry and cold so that General Dynamics executives can become even more wealthy?

The video shows how to contact the Legislative Council whose members will decide whether or not to take up the General Dynamics tax relief bill. 


General Dynamics is also a terrible polluter and despoiler of the environment.

It has a huge carbon footprint, and it regularly assaults the Kennebec River ecosystem with dredging and pollutants. Yet another reason to say NO to corporate welfare for General Dynamics!

Email addresses for Maine's Legislative Council members are as follows:


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