Saturday, March 25, 2017

Looks Like The CIA Is On To Me LOL #CIAhacking

This is what greeted me when I tried to use my Instagram account @naturalguard yesterday. Of course when I see that an "Android located in Russia" tried to log in as me I don't think about Moscow, I think about the CIA ever since Wikileaks revealed that the CIA developed ways of leaving "Russian" fingerprints on hacks of email and social media accounts. 

Why would the CIA be interested in me and the Maine Natural Guard campaign anyway?

This is a rough draft of my costume for the "christening" of another mega expensive warship at General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works shipyard on April 1. 

I'll be adding the logos of telecom corporations as Maine Senator Susan Collins was the swing vote this week in ending Internet privacy as we have known it.

The Portland Press Herald noted of the FCC rules that Collins voted to end:

The adoption of the rules in October by the Federal Communications Commission was bitterly opposed by major internet providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon Communications, which argued they would result in higher costs for consumers because they would reduce the opportunity to profit from the sale of precision-targeted advertising... 
Collins spokeswoman Annie Clark defended Collins’ vote in a statement to the Portland Press Herald, saying that the Obama administration’s “new so-called ‘privacy’ rule” had “created an inconsistent, confusing standard.” 
“This new rule put extensive restrictions on internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast..." details how much cash Collins has accepted to promote corporate interests over the years.

Energy & Natural Resources$181,963$103,333$78,630
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate$1,050,525$436,100$614,425
Lawyers & Lobbyists$638,769$128,250$510,519
Misc Business$593,250$320,000$273,250

Some of the other things I've shared this week on social media are typical of me, shining a light into the dark world of the Pentagon's bloated, polluting bootprint on the planet.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

I would love to think that it is the Natural Guard pledge that has me on the CIA's radar. 

This is a pledge that many dedicated activists have taken to connect the dots between militarism and environmental harm; a huge truth and the continuation of human life on Earth hinges on our understanding it. 

Naturally, corporate media hide it from view as much as possible, while dedicated alternative media reporters like Sarah Lazare do the investigative work that this true security crisis calls for. Her recent article "Trump Wants To Hand $54 Billion More to One of the World's Biggest Drivers of Climate Catastrophe" was information I shared widely. So maybe it's the demogague with bad hair's camp that tried to hack my Instagram account?

The two gangs of thugs vying for control in Washington DC are both deeply involved with Wall St. banksters, environmental destruction and military misadventure. I am no friend of either gang. 

I'll keep raising my voice as long as I can, and I vow to change my passwords more often so I can keep using the channels of communication -- while they last. This just in:

REVISED 3/26: A friend in the activist community just sent word that I appeared as a footnote in a comprehensive article from on Pentagon climate crimes and other environmental impacts. Now I'm thinking maybe that's why my @naturalguard Instagram account was hacked, because something I published in Counterpunch last year is a reference for this important, often neglected topic.

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