Thursday, November 3, 2016

Standing Rock Corporate Media Blackout: Nothing To See Here? #NODAPL

Photo: Minneapolis
So this is a photo of 1,000 people swarming city hall in Minneapolis to demand that members of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office be recalled from the Standing Rock, North Dakota pipeline standoff. It worked, with staff and equipment now headed home.

The heavily militarized police and National Guard attacking water protectors in North Dakota are receiving scant coverage in corporate media.

CNN infamously only covered the effort by supporters to flood facebook with a million location check-ins to confound the use of that locating tool by law enforcement. 

Corporate media fell all over themselves covering this aspect of the story, most with cutesy headlines like "Why all your friend didn't suddenly head north."

Thank the goddess for facebook which gets a bad rap as the most sophisticated spying machine ever, one that gets you to do the work of spying on yourself. If it were not for social media platforms like it, I would receive precious little news of the historic standoff in North Dakota. 

Thank you, my facebook "friends" for all the informative postings. 

Here I will share just a few of the best.

Coverage of attacks in the water by a reporter on the scenes for The Young Turks.

But this got some corporate news coverage: the state capitol of North Dakota was splashed with oil and a message was left behind

Which is more dangerous, splashing oil on a building or running an oil pipeline through the heart of the watershed millions depend on for their drinking water?  

Which law is more powerful, that of government's owned and operated for the profit by frackers and pipeline builders? Or the natural law that says all life on Earth depends on access to water?

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