Friday, September 23, 2016

Lynchings By Police Are A National State Of Emergency #BlackLivesMatter

The twin sister of this week's unarmed black man shot dead by police, Terence Crutcher, mourns.
Give fearful people a lot of guns -- and what happens? They shoot innocent people to death often, and then excuse their behavior by saying they felt scared.

Lynchings by police of black people constitute a national state of emergency.

Don't give people the opportunity to feed and educate their children securely with access to good health care and decent housing and what happens? They lash out in fury in response to more lynchings, and destroy property that represents everything they don't have.

Give fearful people a demagogue to claim their nation could be "great" "again" -- and what happens? Other fearful people go beserk claiming a warmonger and nation destroyer is the only "moral" choice at the ballot box.

Don't give people who love and respect the planet the power to make decisions about the homeland we all share -- and what happens? Corporate overlords destroy the commons while native people put their lives on the line as protectors of the water upon which our form of life depends.

Give fearful people 24/7 entertainment packaged as news and commentary and what happens? They can't think straight because they lack authentic information and analysis.

Don't give a voice to marginalized groups like young people, native people, people of color, people with disabilities, and people who identify as LGBT -- and what happens? 

Our society gets dumber with each passing day -- which suits our corporate overlords just fine.

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