Sunday, May 8, 2016

Show Mother Earth Some Love: Take The Natural Guard Pledge This #MothersDay

Image credit: Anthony Freda
Is this how we want our mother treated? Every one of us that cries, laughs, crawls or walks on this planet is nurtured and supported by the life system lovingly called Mother Earth. Responding to solar energy the soil, oceans and air nourish us. Our ailments find medicinal plants to soothe us, and our ailing spirit finds respite in birdsong and the babble of brooks.

For too long environmental stewardship has taken a back seat to the exercise of total domination by military forces that claim to protect us. We are told this domination is necessary for our safety. It is a lie.

The Pentagon alone burns more fossil fuels than any other organization on Mother Earth. It is scrambling to adapt to climate change and compete for even more fossil fuel being unlocked by the melting of the polar ice cap in the Arctic. It burns fuel to entertain, fuel to kill children and their grandmothers, and fuel to gain access to more fuel. This vicious cycle is precisely opposite of the cycle established on our Mother's body where life upholds and sustains future life.

Many people feel that humans are a scourge on the planet and that she would be well rid of us. I see their point, but I can't stop asking human beings to take a step back and think about where their belligerence and greed is headed. 

Because, if not here on Mother Earth, where will our grandchildren live?

Join me in taking the pledge to call out militarism's effect on the environment wherever you find yourself. Do it to say "happy Mother's Day" to the Earth.
You can order an organic cotton t-shirt with "(your state or USA) Natural Guard" by leaving a comment with your size and contact info on this blog. (Your comment will not be published.)

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Mary said...

I'd love one Lisa! Thanks for all you do. Let me know the $. I'm a large and you know how to reach me :) Happy Mother's Day!