Sunday, November 22, 2015

Muslims Kicked Off @SouthwestAir For Being Muslim As France Cancels Climate March Amid Police State Moves

As we descend further into the darkness of state-sanctioned discrimination and xenophobia, reports came that Southwest Airlines had allowed non-Muslim passengers to kick six Muslims off a flight because they refused to fly with them.

Identifying Muslims seems easy to the professional fools who throng our corporate media to audition for the role of celebrity spokesperson for the military-industrial complex. You just look for... a turban?
"Sikh regiment indian army" by Harmanjaspreet singh - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Oops, no, these are Sikhs in the Indian Army. Definitely not Muslims.

Oops, no, those are regular angry white men on what passes for entertainment on U.S. television these days.

People speaking Arabic? 
Nope. Besides, what language do you think that Coptic Christians in Egypt speak -- Christian? (I know, I know, Christian is not a language. But you'd be surprised how many people think American is.)
Shout out to this great young actress!

Oh, I got it: the wrong name!

Because a person named Mohammed who commits an act of public violence must be a terrorist, while a person named John must be a mentally ill loner, right? Oops, except Jihadi John. And some others.

But don't worry, French police are on it. Under their new post-Paris massacre powers, they can detain anyone they want without judicial oversight, block any website they want, and cancel the upcoming international marches for climate justice that have been months in the planning. Because...terror.

Climate chaos threatens our security far more than the elite death squads funded by the Saudis and promoted by U.S. and Israeli complicity. But...look! Another terror attack on a hotel favored by Westerners in Mali! And so it goes.

Let me just finish with this. Laughing through my tears...


Anonymous said...

France has been the enemy of both Jews and Muslims for many decades. The French are truly anti-Semitic. Pete Sirois

Lisa Savage said...

Let's not lump all French people under the anti-Semitic label.