Saturday, October 31, 2015

Green Party Prez Hopeful Dr. Jill Stein On Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils: "Are You Making Excuses For Your Abuser?"

Dr. Jill Stein speaking in Portland, Maine on October 30, 2016:
"Supporting people, planet and peace over profits is not a fringe belief."
Campaigning under the Green Party slogan Forget the lesser evil -- it's time to fight for the common good Dr. Jill Stein held a fundraising event in Portland, Maine on October 30. Dr. Stein is running for president because, as she explained in a detailed critique of the Obama administration, "voting for the lesser of two evils has a track record that's not good."

Dr. Stein was joined by local Green Party candidates Paul Okot (left) for school board and Dave Foster (right) for city council.

Dr. Stein described herself as a sort of "political therapist" who helps people break up abusive political relationships. She noted that many of us may need to gently ask our friends, "Are you making excuses for your abuser?"

Control of debates , public opinion polls, and the press were topics she touched on before describing her commitment to end endless wars in favor of spending on things people really want: sustainable energy, universal access to health care, free higher education, and the elimination of student debt. Thanks to Brian Leonard for this video of Dr. Stein's full remarks, well worth a listen:


Also on hand: Sherri Mitchell, a hard-hitting attorney for environmental
protection in our state, and Bob Klotz of 350 Maine.

Sherri Mitchell, a Penboscot attorney,  opened a space for Jill's remarks by offering a blessing for the land and ancestors of Wabanaki people. She also noted later in the evening that theft of the land from indigenous people is an original violation of law underpinning our current system of government. She urged the candidate to acknowledge this fundamental concern of indigenous people as a basis for examining the proper role of government.

Future generations deserve a government that protects the planet for all forms of life.


Zachery d Taylor said...

She's right, but for practical reasons we need to put more attention on Instant Run-Off elections and proportionate representation. Without these it requires an enormous grassroots effort to wake up the public with the rigged political and media system.

If there is a possible exception it would be Bernie Sanders, who I know still has his problems but a choice between him and Jill Stein would be the best choice we've had in my memory.

However even either of the two would only be a step in the right direction direction and we still need IRE proportionate representation media reform etc. to break up the duopoly destroying what's left of democracy.

joni said...

Wonderful! Thank you for having such an amazing blog going here. The more i see Jill Stein, the more i like her and understand her message more clearly than ever. Seems like she's just about hit her stride and I'm so glad she's with the Green Party now. We're good for each other i think!~grin
Peace, joni (Tulsa, OK) I can relate to Georgia and N.Carolina Ballot Access issues, unfortunately