Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#MigrantCrisis Caused By U.S. Wars Say #Drone Protesters Arrested Sep. 29

More photos of the action here.
9 Anti-Drone Demonstrators Arrested at Beale AFB
Early Tuesday Morning After Protesting Killer Drones;
Peace Activists Also Tied Migrant Crisis to U.S. Global Wars

Nine people were arrested on Sep. 29 at the gates to Beale Air Force Base where they had come to protest the drone operations center there. Beale AFB is located in Marysville, California.

Those arrested were from Redding, Sacramento, Stockton, the SF Bay Area and Nevada City and were released with pending federal court appearances.  They were arrested while demonstrating the urgency for a reverse in U.S. policy, calling for diplomacy, humanitarian aid, and funding for human needs as the path to solving conflicts.
There have been more than 100 arrests over the past two years at Beale AFB, home to the Global Hawk, a reconnaissance drone for armed Predator drones. Twenty-two peace activists have been given a common court date of Oct. 13 at U.S. Federal Court in Sacramento for 27 different arrests dating from 2014.
The protest was also a solidarity action for global refugees.  A giant cardboard boat was used to show solidarity with refugees fleeing war, and also signs with images of people drowning, gasping for air, calling out:  "I CAN’T BREATHE!!!” Activists publicly read tragic stories of refugees fleeing war in Syria, Yemen, Libya.
This week's protest at Beale coincided with a week of coordinated actions across the country calling for peaceful solutions to conflict.  These actions are part of a long-term movement called  “Campaign Nonviolence.”

As reported by Chris Nelson at the Pace e Bene website:

Occupy Beale will return to Beale Air Force Base on October 19th and 20th honoring Indigenous Rights and the Day of the Dead, in loving honor of all those killed as a result of US wars. All are encouraged to find us on facebook (Occupy Beale Air Force Base) or online at and to Join Us.

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