Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moral Injury And The Costs Of Militarism #IWD2014

The corporate oligarchy ruling over us has managed to keep war and its effects largely invisible to the affluent. We feel the tug on our pocket books, but are told lies about what's causing that drain (it's the education budget, poor people on Medicaid, welfare cheats and lazy bums who ought to get a job). 

We look away from our wars because it's the only view corporate mainstream media offers.

The conscience troubled by a map like this one is largely silenced. 

See the big, empty continent on this map, the one with bombs and assassinations only on its southern edge? That is the moral injury zone.

It is, by the way, a continent filled with a prison system so vast that 2.3 million people are currently incarcerated, over half of them for non-violent crimes.

Because all that moral injury leads to a fearful state which must cage its citizens, not for thought crimes (there are of course special prisons for that) but mostly for the crime of being poor.

Every person wrongfully imprisoned has a family being injured, too.

Every bomb dropped on children anywhere harms us all.

Today, on International Women's Day, let us raise our voices for feminist values: life, truth telling, and honoring and protecting the children of the world.

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