Monday, February 3, 2014

"They Would Love To Put A Bullet In My Head" Snowden Interview Blacked Out In U.S. Media

CODEPINK's Alli McCracken in action at congressional intel hearings in Washington DC last week.
"They would love to put a bullet in my head," says Edward Snowden, repeating statements made by U.S. government officials in a BuzzFeed interview about his leaks on the doings of the NSA.

It has also been reported that each time the interview with Snowden by a Germany's Channel NDR pops up on YouTube, it is taken right down again. Nor were the contents of the interview reported in the U.S. corporate media, despite the fact that what he discusses is of grave concern to us all. Or perhaps because of that fact.

Do you think the powers that be are worried about gamers finding out the NSA hacked user data on games, like Angry Birds? You will be hard pressed to find any report of it in the U.S. mainstream media, though it's all over English language media elsewhere. Here, via Russia Today, is evidence of the reaction of Angry Hackers to that news:

Meanwhile, during the appearance of U.S. spy chiefs before Congress last week, Senators Susan Collins and Barbara Mikulski took the the opportunity for some Snowden-bashing. Because his leaks have scared the wits out of those in charge of what our vast and lumbering empire likes to think are its "intelligence" capabilities.

Claiming Snowden did "great damage" to the U.S. by sharing information about the NSA with the people who pay for it, Sen. Collins did not come off as particularly well-informed -- she called Snowden "Edwin" instead of Edward (Mikulski called him "Eric").

Here's the 30 minute interview (it's in English) as shared on the website LiveLeak.

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