Friday, June 7, 2013

Budgets Balanced On Backs Of Poor While 1% Profit Some More

Hall of Flags, Maine State House June 5, 2013 Photo Source: Channel 8 WMTW news
When Mainers gathered at their state house to vigil during 11th hour budget meetings, the wonderful banners created by the Maine Union of Visual Artists Art Rapid Response Team (ARRT) were a big hit with press photographers.

My husband and I were on hand to further remind folks that if the federal government wasn't draining off so much income from working people in Maine, the budget crisis could be solved. Since 2001, Mainers have paid more than $3.5 billion in federal taxes for wars. Imagine how $3.5 billion of our income tax dollars could have been better spent!

Bring our war $$ home has not always been a welcome message at actions organized by groups like the Maine People's Alliance who carry water for the Democratic Party. But we are finding more tolerance -- perhaps even a little acceptance -- these days.

Lobbyists swarming around the hall outside the Appropriations Commitee last night included one for my union, the Maine Education Association, which wrote the book on carrying water for the Democrats. Fiesty activist JA KE had her union pride on display

Source: Channel 8 WMTW news
and she confronted the MEA lobbyist demanding to know why there were no educators mobilized for the vigil (well, besides me). Her mom was a teacher and she thought they ought to be there because a) there are a lot of them and b) they are articulate and passionate about meeting people's needs.

John Kosinki's reply, "I'm here, aren't I?" Later she noticed he had removed his name tag. When she confronted him about it, he claimed that the strap from his bag kept catching on it. Uh huh.

As long as groups that purport to represent the people keep defending the false dichotomy of bad Republicans and good Democrats, war spending will roll on while schools are closed and programs that serve clients like elderly people with disabilities are cut.

This photo essay we created three years ago about school closings in Maine is just as relevant today. And military spending has increased every year since we made it.

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