Thursday, July 5, 2012

CODEPINK Observes the 4th of July in Japan: No More Fukushimas!

Reposted from CODEPINK Local Actions page, a 4th of July report from Japan's coordinator Hisae Ogawa in the city of Osaka:
This weekend I visited the college I graduated from. It is close to US Air Force Base YOKOTA. The base is still there interfering with the peaceful life of the people.

Today, July 4th, I joined the 'Peace March heading to Hiroshima'. We walked through downtown Osaka. The mayor sent us a message of support but the governor of Osaka prefecture did not support our efforts.

We cried out 'No more Hiroshimas', 'No more Nagasakis', 'No more Fukushimas', 'No more nukes', 'No more nuclear power plants.'

More actions will follow in August.

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chrisrushlau said...

One of those slogans I suspect is finally wearing out is, "We spend so much to defend these people overseas who refuse to spend to defend themselves."